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Rent Spot is coming soon to Montréal! This unique search tool makes it easy to find Montréal apartments or to rent out your Montréal properties.

Whether you're looking for Montréal apartments for rent or you're a property manager or owner looking for tenants for your Montréal apartments and houses, Rent Spot makes your search easy. Fabulous features, multiple search parameters and online photo galleries make finding Montréal apartments a snap at Rent Spot.

We've put our knowledge and experience to work to create a rental site that is easy to use, fast, and efficient-for renters, as well as for the owners and managers of Montréal apartments and Montréal houses. Rent Spot makes finding Montréal apartments for rent enjoyable, as renters click through our comprehensive listings.

Search for Montréal apartments by number of bedrooms, location, square footage and whether or not kids are allowed. Get directions to the Montréal apartments you've selected and find out what amenities are available in the area.

Each of the listings in our portfolio includes a photo gallery of the property so renters can decide immediately whether they are interested in certain Montréal apartments. Uploading photos of the Montréal apartments you have for rent can be done in minutes and results in queries from potential tenants who are truly interested in your property.

The easy way to find Montréal apartments for rent

Sifting through the large number of Montréal apartments for rent isn't a chore at Rent Spot. We make your search for Montréal apartments quick and easy.

At Rent Spot, you can:

  • Search for the perfect Montréal apartment or house, for FREE
  • Instantly view Montréal apartments for rent
  • Use Google mapping
  • Keep a file of your favourite Montréal apartments with the 'add to favourites' feature
  • Find apartments that allow pets, have a certain number of bathrooms, and are close to work

The cost-effective way to rent out your Montréal apartments

Find great tenants faster at Rent Spot. Our commitment to making searching for Montréal apartments as easy as possible means more people will view your vacant properties, decreasing the time it takes to find renters.

Rent Spot gives you:

  • A FREE trial period! See how easy it is to find tenants for your Montréal apartments.
  • Control over multiple listings, all from one account
  • #1 placement for many Google search terms
  • More potential renters for your Montréal apartments
  • Fast registration and the ability to view your listings immediately
  • The chance to win an iPod Shuffle (monthly draw)

Faster searching. Easy viewing. Great results.

Find Montréal apartments with everything you're looking for with our easy-to-use navigation and search tools. Search by map to discover the Montréal apartments for rent in your preferred area or do a comprehensive search for the entire city.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of Montréal apartments and Montréal houses for rent, including condos and shared accommodations. Whatever type of home you're looking for, you'll find it at Rent Spot.

List your Montréal apartments for rent today

Our FREE trial period allows you to discover for yourself just how effortless it is to find tenants for your Montréal apartments on Rent Spot. Register in 1 minute, create your listings, and get your Montréal apartments and homes in front of viewers immediately.

With Rent Spot's unique features, the search for Montréal apartments for rent is a pleasure for anyone looking for a new home.

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